Sunday, May 25, 2014

On the death of the blog

We consume and spread information all the time. Be it juicy gossip about that backstabbing friend, latest updates on the civil war in Somalia or even browsing your twitter feed, the inflow and outflow of which is facilitated by various online and offline mediums. The overwhelming desire for information coupled with the overwhelming supply for it mean that only the most effective of mediums will be successful in the actual delivery of said information. We seek too much of it, and there is too much of it, and what eventually reaches us depends on how good the delivery mechanism is.

This also means that the time we can fork out using some amount of content is limited. Therefore the more sleek, succinct and straightforward the medium providing the information is, the more effective it will be in delivering said content. Twitter is a suitable paradigm of the content dispenser discussed above. Blogger on the other hand, is insipid and lacks freshness. Newspapers on the other hand might be as dull as the blog, but the content they provide is more aligned with the demand of readers than the blog. A general reader would be more interested in an all-content-encompassing newspaper than your blog which talks about, say, cute cats (by general I mean a user not perverted in taste and judgement by childish memes).

With that, the blog is now dead.
This blog was dead, if you realised, for the last year or so.
But I've decided to resurrect it.
Because some information mediums are made for the writer's enjoyment too!

I had some time to go over my posts from last year. How childish and immaturely written they are! I had a hard time believing that that dimwit pecking away at ~40wpm spent so much time writing post showcasing such levels of crass. Then again, if you're not embarrassed about the things you wrote when young, you're not learning!

Here's to more learning!

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