Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Return of Wired Differently

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are."

Bertolt Brecht

A bolt from the blue. After 3 months, garnering 20000 pageviews and after a 3 month 'hibernation' period, Wired Differently is BACK.

Well, I'm here. And I'm back. A Lot has changed. For good, or for bad.

West Bengal has a new name, Akon's making his mark on Bollywood, the Annoying TRAI regulations, and, yes, Blogger has a new interface. A leader in Libya is no more, and so is he:

Talking about trends, Beti B (or BayB) is all set to endorse Loreal-Paris in the next 20 years; One Cyrus Pallonji Mistry will have truck drivers writing 'Ok Mistry Bye Bye' on the back of their trucks (Courtesy: Ramesh Srivats). AND, who can forget the Son-in-Law of Rajnikanth, and his most famous jig:

(And yes, I have learnt to identify the URL very clearly, and wish you do the same. OTHERWISE, you'll have the song opened in 5 tabs clicking on shared links on Facebook. And YES, the song has its own Wikipedia Article)

Yes. Change we believe In. Change we can believe in. Not, this, fools!

Change we can believe in (Pure silver, silver, me hearties! Yaaaar!) (Image by Ian-S @

"Change is inevitable. Except for vending machines."

Until then, this to announce that I'm back. A LOT has changed for me as well. This won't be another dead blog. I have many things in store for you.

For now, I announce my alter ego -Mr. Curious: