Friday, December 16, 2011

Of Chances, Singapore and Other Things...

"I'm not weird, just Wired Differently."

Wait. See the thing 'marqueeing' above? A wonderful thing happened a few weeks back. In fact, it was a series of events, like a 7-7-7.

Me talkin' about the 2012 A*STAR India Youth Scholarship. (Yeah, go, Google that out!). And, it so happens that I've bagged it. :)

And, on the 27th of this month, I'll be checking-into a country smaller than the state of Goa (which has been my abode for 12 years). And Goa happens to be the smallest state in India. Go Figure! Among everything else, the course is for 4 years, from my 9th grade to my 12th grade.

On the 10th of November 2011, I got an e-mail containing the offer letter (this was after clearing a written test and an interview). At that moment, a logic gate opened up! A decision had to be made, and chickening out was not in my list of logical inputs! After all, what shall I tell, say 20 years later, that "You know, I had this amazing chance, and I decided not, and here I am" LOL! Yeah, LOL!

But, decisions have to be taken! Having confidence in you, and the sense that you've made the right decision is like tightrope walking. Only the skilled and the experienced get through (not to mention the lucky ones, though few). The novices stumble  at first, but make it anyways. Its all a diorama of your mind, and all you have to do is filter out the crap (illogical inputs) and the rest is yours to decide. But, in the end, you have to be firm in whatever you do!

Among the other things, if December 27th is not struck off from our Gregorian scheme of things, if Santa-Banta Claus dosen't come saying "Meri-ex-Mast" and Et cetera, Et cetera, I'm going. Friends, Family, Hobbies and Goan Life will be missed, but as the wiser guy says, "to gain one, let go of another".

Oh yeah! The blog will change a bit, too. Naturally, this being my 'mouthpiece', will feature updates from S'pore! Just hit the "Follow" button to the right! :D

Mr. Curious pitches in with something!

With everything 'over'-written said and done, iSignoff with these much-relevant lines, and the song itself!

Que Sera, Sera
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
The future's not ours to see,
Que Sera, Sera.
What will be, will be. 

I hoped I have not indulged in Nonsense.
Wired Differently!


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  1. Atharv Joshi... I'm for one am gonna miss you a lot.. one of my best friends... always helping... kind... Don't you dare forget me when you leave... coz hell I aint gonna let you forget me... hope after four years I am able to meet you again... we'll see you after 12th bro... Come back soon... if you get any holz..